Klagenfurt & the Rich Roll Podcast

by hillarybiscay

I am so excited to finally share some pictures from Klagenfurt. Ironman Austria has always been, in my experience, one of the most beautiful races on the circuit. The green-blue lake and quaint villages all along the course are ingrained in my memory amongst the highlights of my ironman travels.

This is the view onto the lake from where we are staying now . . .

I had the pleasure of racing here in ´06 and ´07 as a game-time decision in both instances since it was “just” a ten-hour drive from where we were training in Switzerland. This year we made another game-time decision, but with longer travel . . . Add to that a little encounter with the concrete the night on my bike the night before the long-haul and I arrived here moving like a ninety-year-old at best.

I also set a personal sleep record, I think, with 16 hours in one night. I think the body´s super-recovery-mode worked, though, because all is great now and training is rolling along. Arriving so early not only gave us the opportunity to recover from travel and bike crashes (Yes the GCM had one too–add that to the BFF´s far more severe one at Eagleman and it was a bad streak that week!), but has given us a chance to train on the course.

In my third time here, I am finally getting the lay of the land and enjoying time to take in the scenery. What stunning venue–I absolutely LOVE it!

The lake is lovely for swimming as well, and barring any more rain here, I can imagine a non-wetsuit swim for pros this weekend. Time will tell, but that would be a real treat!

TeamHPBer Marc Rubin joined us here today too, so it is officially a party here in Klagenfurt and I can´t wait to do a loop of the bike course with him tomorrow!

Speaking of which, last weekend was one of the most epic in TeamHPB´s history!!! Jetlag came in handy for virtual spectating til 4AM here–for once it was good for something! Sooo I have some serious bragging to do in my next post.

One more thing I wanted to share for now: perhaps the most fun interview I have ever done. WHile I was in LA a week and a half ago, I was honored to be a guest on one of my personal favorite podcasts, the Rich Roll Podcast. Rich is a fellow Ultraman, vegan, and Pac-Ten (now 12–yes we are old) swimmer. It was such a treat to talk with someone “in the know” about all this stuff and geek out! Listen/download here–it is RRP #37.

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