My Superstars

by hillarybiscay

So as I mentioned in my last post, last weekend was one of our biggest yet for TeamHPB. I was dialed in from Austria following the kids online, as were most of their teammates from their respective homes all over the globe. I love this team we have created and the way that the kids push and support each other! They were as excited as I was for their teammates’ successes over the weekend.

First up we had two TeamHPBers crushing the Rev3 Williamsburg races. New TeamHPBer Maggie took a solid fourth overall in the olympic distance in just her second race getting back in action after a broken collarbone.

alyssa williamsburg OA podium

Then we had this: Alyssa second overall amateur in the half ironman. This was a huge race for us for a couple of reasons: not only was it arguably Alyssa’s best performance ever—and after a huge week of training–but in finishing amongst the top 3 amateurs at a race of this level, she did what she needed to do to qualify for her pro card. Time will tell when if and when we use this qualification (it is good for a year), as Alyssa is one of those athletes who “gets it” (which explains much of her success) and understands that simply qualifying doesn’t necessarily make one ready to take this next step. We will take our time and carefully assess when the appropriate moment will be. For now we have Ironman Lake Placid and Kona to race this year still as an amateur, but it is great to have this qualification in our back pocket!

timmy cd'a finish

Then at Ironman Couer d’Alene, there was this . . . a huge breakthrough for TeamHPBer and one of our Tucson spring campers, Tim Perkin. Officially, it was a 9:58 on a tough ironman course—this from a guy who came to us a year and a half ago having just snuck under 11 on what I would say wasn’t even a certifiable course. And a 1:42 half marathon PR. After taking a big step forward last year and posting a  10:19 at Ironman Arizona, he was running a 1:25 half marathon this spring and showed up at camp a whole new athlete. The work he and Coach Andi had been putting in week after week and month after month was evident. On Sunday he took all of that and executed on race day. As a coach, days like Sunday are some of those that I live for! I am still on a high here and could not be more proud of our kids.

anabel CDA run FNL

This girl had me in tears from the first bike photo update I got from her hubs. Many of you have been following Anabel’s journey to her first ironman in Coeur d’Alene since this or before . . . But if not, it would be worth your time to go back and read about how Anabel beat cancer and turned herself into an ironwoman. Her website is here.

One of the highlights of our SMASH project is all of the incredible women athletes that it has brought into our lives, and Anabel is certainly a great example. We were so taken with her story and spirit that at the beginning of the year, we asked her if she would join our team as an ambassador for our brand. With her acceptance, we have been along for the ride and offered what we could to support along the way. She has done us proud many times over already, and Sunday was amazing: Anabel was, naturally, not content to just finish her first ironman . . . She actually raced the thing and crossed the line in 10:52. The photo above, courtesy of the Team in Training folks, of Ms. A pushing through the pain in the final couple miles of her first ironman is one of my faves.

Clearly I have no shortage of inspiration heading into a smashfest here across the pond this weekend!

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