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by hillarybiscay

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Food and my eating habits are some of the topics that I get the most questions about—right up there with those about my training and racing. Especially at this time of year, people seem particularly curious about my plant-based diet and how it fuels my training and racing. So I thought I ought to respond to some of the questions I hear most now, when people are particularly motivated to set new, healthier routines….I get it because the GCM and I are constantly working to make our routine more healthy as well. Our current thing is trying to juice more, which involves going out of our way to the bargain produce market (last week’s trip is above) and getting a second fridge to store all this produce!

Where can I learn the basics about a plant-based diet?

This one is easy, as one of my sponsors, Vega, which makes the vegan protein shakes that I swear by and am always talking about (yes this was the mystery green stuff in a Starbucks cup on my bike at Ultraman) created this: Thrive Forward. Thrive Forward is basically a FREE online tutorial that takes you through the whys and how-tos of whole food, plant-based easing. It includes a series of 40 short video clips that cover all the basics (including eating for training and racing, which may feature a special guest –hint below). And the website now even includes a ton of recipes for every need and occasion. So if you have thought about going plant-based, or just want to incorporate more plants into your diet, check out this website and the videos—it is just too easy.

thrive forward shoot running

Where do you get your protein?

My buddy and fellow Ultraman Rich Roll covers the basics in this list/ article here.

What the heck do you eat if you don’t eat gluten or animal products?!

Well amazingly, most anything except things that contain gluten or animal products. I don’t feel like I have to miss much of anything, even yummy baked goods. I order bread, muffins, etc online from an awesome bakery from Madison, Wisconsin—The Silly Yak. Yep, I discovered this place while there for ironman years ago and am hooked.

I also recently became aware of another amazing, healthy baking company based in LA and owned by a fellow ironwoman (who has just quit her corporate day job to follow this passion, which I love!), Stephanie Pacitto. At our LA SMASH Ladies Night, she brought me this vegan, gluten-free deliciousness, which is what she sells at The Trim Tart –online and at the West Hollywood Melrose Place Farmer’s Market.

trim tart

Stephanie’s stuff is made with all organic, non-GMO ingredients, which means better oil and sweeteners than what I’d been eating with my previous fave vegan/ GF bakery. Lots of great info here if you are looking for a vegan/ GF sweet treat option, which I always am!

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