OMG it is 2015!

by hillarybiscay

Realizing that we are almost into FEBRUARY of 2015, I’ve crammed the last 2 months of 2014 into one photo gallery of highlights here so that, with any luck, by next week we can be caught up to the present moment! There was just so much excitement to cap off the year that I never got a chance to sit down and post but did not want to skip over all the fun here.


In the past few months I’ve gotten to the point where I wake up in the morning and have to figure out what city I’m in now . . . 13 consecutive days is the most I have had at home in Tucson in this span and that happened once. But I’ve been some pretty great places along the way. Above was a shot from my annual “try to keep up with the ultrarunners” weekend. This year we were in and around St. George, Utah. I got to see Zion for the first time and spend a good 8 hours one day acquainting myself with the trails there—and, of course, almost never actually keeping up, but trying Smile Love it.


That same weekend I virtual-spectated this momentous feat: Haley’s first ironman win at Ironman Fortaleza. It took about two weeks before I could look at this picture without tearing up. Having watched Haley progress since her first years as an amateur through her transition into the pro ranks, and now for our company to be able to sponsor her—well, this was a huge, huge day. Oh and I should mention that she took out her first win by over half an hour.


Then we had a huge TeamHPB reunion at Ironman Arizona. There is not much I love more than quality time in person with my kids—what a treat. This time I also had the privilege of watching one of them, our Mary Knott (a.k.a. Finding Kona) have a bit of an iron-breakthrough—just a taste of what is to come for one of the hardest-working athletes I know.


Speaking of hardworking athletes, Ironman Arizona was beyond special because of this one—the BFF. In her 11th (yes you read that right) time at bat in Tempe, and 2nds, 3rds, etc—she took the crown. So, so  huge.


After a huge (70 family members!) family Thanksgiving weekend, I jetted to Hawaii to surprise TeamHPB superstar Julie by tracking her down in the final hours of her Day Two Ultraman ride. I just had to get there to witness her first Ultraman World Champs smashfest and to support for run-day fun-day as much as I could.


Julie had an absolutely phenomenal debut on the big island: she finished second overall in the women’s race after winning the first two stages and running over 30 minutes faster than she had at her first ultraman in Florida earlier last year. I could not have been more proud of how deep I saw her go into the well during those final miles of the double marathon. It was awesome.

_DSC9214 (1)

And TeamHPB Coach & pro Alyssa did a fantastic job of crewing & keeping Julie on track from start to finish of the 3 long days of racing—so proud the teamwork my kids have happening.

photo 2 (5)

We capped the year off by finally having some SoCal family time, celebrating Christmas, Cat’s birthday, and all together.

photo 1 (3)

Naturally Mini Biscuit and I opted to celebrated both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve by running the loop around the Palos Verdes Peninsula (home), which is the most beautiful 21-mile hill-fest. I even felt a bit fit after that!

Sooooo that’s the end of 2014 in a nutshell. Back next week to get us up to speed on the 2015 excitement. In the meantime, for those who are looking to escape that East Coast freeze and/or just want to come smash yourselves for 4 days in the desert with the GCM and I next month, we opened up a second Tucson Camp weekend!! Details here!

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