February in the Dirty T

by hillarybiscay

Whewwww it is mid-March and I am realizing I have so many fun pics and happenings from the past few weeks in the Dirty T to share. I am going to play catch-up again here and get us back up to date.Smile

book signing trisports

As I have probably said before, there is not much I love more than having my TeamHPB kids and SMASH team in town to train and visit. We were fortunate last month that SMASH superstar Haley came to Tucson with a whole crew from the ATL.

book signing smash dresses

And she, Betty, and I got to be a SMASH dress-rainbow at my book signing at TriSports. For those who have not yet checked it out, The Race Within is Jim Gourley’s book about Ultraman and follows the race in 2013, which was a good year for me Smile I wrote the foreward.

ATL crew tucson smash rainbow

haley lemmon

One of the highlights of Haley’s visit was following her up Mt. Lemmon (by car, as I could not keep up with this speedster by bike!) and taking pics of her smashing it in her HC kit.

haley lemmon 2

We ended up making this cool promo out of one of my pics—had to share!

haley lemmon promo

Last month we also finished our SMASH “Ask A Pro” Q&A series on Facebook. Here is a link to my Q&A in case you missed it. I have so much to share about our two Tucson Training Camps and the LA Marathon smashfest yesterday—up next!

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