Why I Resigned from the Women For Tri Board

by hillarybiscay

Over a week ago now, I made the disappointing decision to resign from the Women for Tri board. This was not a decision that I took lightly, as when I commit to something, I have every intention of following through. But in this instance, ultimately I had to make the call to cut my losses.

Time is my most precious resource and I was willing to donate a significant amount of it to this project if it meant working on a project that would leave our sport better, particularly for the women in it. I love ironman. So much so that ironman completely changed the trajectory of my career, and in turn, my life. And I do not want to see everything that made me fall in love with this sport 14 years ago slowly fade away.

As the only professional triathlete on the board and a coach of up-and-coming professional female triathletes, I felt a great responsibility to look out for this group. Unfortunately, I realized very quickly that my intentions would be much better served and time better spent elsewhere. I had been truly optimistic that as an "advisory board," we would indeed have the ability to effect real change for women in our sport. But sadly, within a very short timeframe, it became apparent that the opportunity to "advise" on real issues was not happening. And, quite frankly, there were a couple of things that happened that I, Hillary Biscay, as part of this board, simply could not stomach being affiliated with in any way.

So that’s the story in a nutshell.

Through this process I got to know a couple of my new favorite women in our sport — the board brought them into my life, and for that, the experience was worth it. There are some amazing women involved in this project. The board has started a Facebook group which has been a great resource for newbies, but I think change needs to be happening from the top down as well. And in terms of the bigger mission for women in our sport, my strengths will be better utilized elsewhere.


I have joined forces with a group of some of the women I most respect in our sport to make our own coalition, TriEqual. These women are not afraid to take a stand and make things happen. We are working to increase participation and promote diversity on our great sport by expanding accessibility for all athletes, from beginners to elites. (Check out my last blog if you want to read what SMASH is doing to contribute to this project as well.) You too can get involved—read more on our website here.

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