Tri Camp-ing and some news!!

by hillarybiscay

As promised, I have finally sat down to share some of our spring Tucson Camp highlights here! This was the first year we were able to offer not just one but two weekends of smashfest fun. There really is nothing I love more than being able to work with my athletes in person (and smash myself alongside them!) so camp is always a highlight of my year. Our camps are open to athletes who are not part of TeamHPB as well so we also get the pleasure of getting to know new athletes and including them in our group for the weekend.


Our “kids” are always very welcoming and watching the athletes bond as a group through shared pain and suffering is such a highlight.


We do even include designated “social” bikes and runs besides those of the smashfest variety. 🙂


On Saturday everyone sets some kind of new precedent in the pool–for longest or hardest swim ever. We have different lanes for different challenges but my main concern is that everyone emerges having proved something to him or herself and proud.


I love showing people some of the amazing stuff that is on our backyard–the GCM and I live just over the other side of those mountains.


This one was Fast Cat putting on a clinic on how a “social ride” goes . . . rumor has it that he also dished out plenty of punishment on Madera Canyon and Mount Lemmon though.


With my group of fearless ladies, about to tackle Lemmon for the first time. It was a SMASH rainbow!


I believe this is what good old Sutto used to refer to as a “smiley slugfest.”


Feeling accomplished!


Recovery Pump was so good to help our campers get their legs back underneath them between workouts!


Long trail run selfie!!! Getting lost amidst the cacti on the final day of camp is the standard.


Our second camp weekend was our biggest one yet and the GCM and I were so grateful for the expertise of two other coaches, Emily Cocks and TeamHPB coach Alyssa Godesky.


I am thrilled to announce that this year I will be able to offer two more camps in the fall!!

TUCSON WOMEN’S TRI CAMP: September 3-7, 2015. This camp will cater to a wider-range of abilities and include more opportunities for teaching than our usual “smashfest” camp. Training will be suited for those preparing for a half to a full ironman and is a great option for those aspiring to go full-bore one of our more advanced camps in the future. Depending on interest, we may offer an advanced group at this camp as well.

TUCSON FALL CAMP: October 15-19th, 2015. This one will cater to athletes preparing for a late-season ironman. We will get in a huge weekend of training in a competitive environment–a perfect option for one of your final deposits in the back before a big race. Sample itinerary below.

See my camp page here for details.

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