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Q&A: Dealing with Injury, or Comebacks!

August 22, 2012

I often receive questions about dealing with injury and / or surgery and keep meaning to put my thoughts together into a post here! So this is actually a response to many different questions, but since reader Colleen posed a question on the topic last week, I will use hers here. Question from reader Colleen: […]

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Q & A: How I Got My Situation Sorted

May 12, 2012

After my post-race blog last week, I received a lot of questions about my injury and how I got it sorted from athletes who are experiencing similar issues. I am posting one of them below and will try my best to share what I found helpful. I am no doctor, though—this is just my personal […]

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Q&A: The Mental Game

March 24, 2012

Question from reader Alysha: I’m getting ready to start my summer training program (racing Olympic distance and hoping to run my first half marathon sometime this year). I’m pumped for the physical side of training/racing, but I know I need to train my mind. How do you do it? I’ve read many articles about you […]

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Q&A: Stretching

February 21, 2012

Q from Kati: My question is about stretching. I am coming back to tris after a year off from surgery. I am finding that I lost so much flexibility that it is really affecting my ability to regain my run, bike, and swim. I have flopped around from some yoga to general stretching. What I […]

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Q&A: Vegan Protein & Vega

February 5, 2012

Question from reader Maggie: I have been vegan for almost a year after being vegetarian for 15 years. I noticed that you are moving towards living a more dairy and animal/gluten free lifestyle. Just wondering if you could speak to the Vega products as I noticed you mention these nutritional items on your blog? I […]

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