Australian Adventure Photo Album!

by hillarybiscay

I can’t believe that my Australian adventure is nearly over! I’m in Cairns, just a day and a half out from my third race in five weeks, Ironman Cairns. Recovering from smashing the heck out of myself, getting ready to do it all again, and repeat has definitely made the time fly by. That and I had a massive to-do list work-wise for my time over here as being on my own all day without the distractions of home, my non-racing-related goal was to come home feeling like I had emerged from the semi-drowning-like state of work life that I’ve been under since Ultraman. All good things but some unburying was in order during this trip. The deadline is nearly upon me and I’m still here in my hotel room in Cairns having a workfest but I will get there!

west head ride

Consequently I haven’t been as great about taking or sharing pictures of my adventures but I wanted to at least share some highlights. I’ve been fortunate to add some new sights and experiences to my list of Australian adventures—the first of which was 12 years ago now when I came to spectate at Ironman Foster—Macca’s first ironman (and win)! Now that was a long time ago!

Sydney local Bel Fong has been an absolute legend and, in addition to my amazing hosts Dan and Julie, has appointed herself tour director. Above was the weekend after Port Macquarie when we got to ride one hill after another in West Head but were rewarded with some insane views. Just amazing.

noosa hell's gate

After North Face 100 I took a little trip to Noosa to visit with Belinda and Justin, meet their new addition, drink tons of coffee, and spend lots of quality time at one of my fave pools, the NAC (Noosa Aquatic Center).

noosa sunset

One of the other big items on my to-do list in Noosa was to run on one of my favorite run trails in the Noosa National Park. But alas, I will still  not run-able. In fact I only just graduated from water running a few days ago—just in time Smile But a sunset hike was a consolation and we definitely had time to take in the views.

balmoral swim clinic1

I also got to see beautiful Balmoral Beach and meet such a lovely group of local triathletes who came to my open-water swim clinic there.

balmoral swim clinic

It was a blast! And what a setting.

cronulla bike tour

Julie and I also got a bike tour of Cronulla and the surrounding area—a little loosen-up spin after North Face 100. Just pedaling for 2 hours was a challenge! But it was really cool having Michelle Ferris, 2x Olympic silver medalist in track cycling and ironwoman, as a tour guide.

cronulla bike

Still in awe over all the amazing new friends I’ve made over the past few weeks and there are more adventures to come this weekend! We start on Sunday at 7:45 AM, so you can follow along live online at www.ironman.com beginning at 2:45PM PST on Saturday. I am stoked to make this one hurt a little extra as I know it is going to be quite a wait til the next one!