Race Mode

by hillarybiscay

A flight between San Francisco and Tokyo means that I finally have time to blog—nothing like being trapped inside the the metal death box for 10 hours! I thought I should check in because race season has snuck up on me and I’ve had people asking where and how to track the upcoming action.


I’ve got some fun –and a bit scary—adventures on tap, but first a little recap:

I must say it’s been awhile since I’ve felt so out of “race mode” and I have gone longer than this (since Ultraman in early December) without racing before . . .This year I think the difference has been the all-consuming nature of “work” that, while triathlon-related, usually has nothing to do with facilitating my own race prep.


Luckily, though, one of these jobs got me out for a friendly intro back into race mode last weekend at the Tempe Town Lake—site of many fond Ironman Arizona memories. I had the opportunity to do a 4K open water race (open water/ wetsuit action is not something we have out in Tucson!) followed by some TT efforts on the bike with two of my strongest athletes, Mary and Courtney.


There’s not much I love more than working with my kidlets in person and when they can make me suffer—well that’s even better.

Then a few days later—just on Saturday—I dipped another toe back into the world of racing with more of a full warm up for this weekend’s Challenge Taiwan at the HITS Series Napa Valley half-iron distance event.

HITS napa

I felt like I got a good hard workout in and the win was an added bonus. Plus, racing in Napa meant an extended visit my dear friend and fellow U of M swim teammate, Emily, and her hubs Andy—and she was kind enough to play super race sherpa as well. This was all such a treat en route to Taiwan, where I would not miss celebrating one of my other besties’ –Belinda’s–50th and final ironman race.

with  bg michael post -race

Can’t wait for more of this with even bigger celebrations to mark this huge day on Saturday. I will be in touch from Taiwan with info about how to track the action!

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